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What Makes Us Different?

Here at Integrative Touch we take pride in adjusting each massage based on the individual needs of the client. We do not categorize the massage based on the modalities that we apply. By doing this we are able to achieve a greater sense of overall wellness and being. Even if we have to target our focus on the current injury or ailment we still want you to leave with a feeling of balance and harmony. Everyday we are expanding our knowledge and are committed to giving you the best session for your direct needs. We are constantly adding new options to enhance your session like aromatherapy, reiki, and heat. Come on in! Everyone is capable of being in complete homeostasis, we just want to help you get there.


Toshia is outstanding!

"Since I injured my lower back nearly 20 years ago, I've been to numerous massage therapists. A couple of them have been excellent. Many have been mediocre. Toshia is outstanding!After a few months of seeing her on a monthly basis, she has consistently provided amazing relief of both lower back and neck/shoulder pain.I cannot recommend Toshia highly enough! She is professional, personable, listens to her customers, and has an uncanny ability to not only find muscular issues, but also to fix them."

Jerritte Couture

Miracle Worker

"Toshia is truly an excellent massage therapist. She was able to cure my every day headaches. In addition, she provides excellent advice and things to do outside of appointments to better your health. She is flexible when making changes in advance for appointment changes. Toshia cares about you as a person and wants to help you live a good healthy life. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for relief or relaxation. I will not go to anyone else"

Lisa Couture

It is a transformative experience

"Toshia was fantastic! It was my first time seeing her, and though I have received many massages in the past, she is by far at the top of my list! This lady knows her stuff, she understands how to manipulate and maneuver the body to provide ultimate relief. She offered me great tips and advice for bettering my body and she even demonstrated techniques that I could do at home to further the effects of my massage. She was insightful, knowledgeable, and communicative during the entire process. I walked out feeling like a new woman! Her space is warm and inviting, relaxing and professional. I sincerely and highly recommend her to anyone in need of relieving the pain, pressure and stress that we all deal with! It is a transformative experience :) I will be back again very soon!"

Samantha Jablinski