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What Makes Us Different?

Here at Integrative Touch we take pride in adjusting each massage based on the individual needs of the client. We do not categorize the massage based on the modalities that we apply. By doing this we are able to achieve a greater sense of overall wellness and being. Even if we have to target our focus on the current injury or ailment we still want you to leave with a feeling of balance and harmony. Everyday we are expanding our knowledge and are committed to giving you the best session for your direct needs. We are constantly adding new options to enhance your session like Medi-Cupping, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and heat. Come on in! Everyone is capable of being in complete homeostasis, we just want to help you get there.


I always walk away feeling like the knots and stiffness is gone

"I have been going to Integrative once a month for over a year now mostly for deep tissue massage. Toshia always manages to find the spots that need work and I always walk away feeling like the knots and stiffness is gone. Especially cool when she finds things I didn't realize were an issue. She's super positive, always asks about how I feel both before and during the massage, and is also great about providing insight into things I can try at home. All of that with easy communication and scheduling makes this place an easy recommendation."

Brett Fishwild

From Lump to Lean

"Integrative Touch is home to 2 of my favorite people. Toshia McCormick and Richard Williams. I am 70 years old and they keep me moving. Toshia is the best massage therapist in Dayton and Richard has taken me from a useless lump to a lean, mean machine. He takes to me to places that I never thought I could be. He amazes me and I amaze myself with what I can accomplish with the right trainer. I highly recommend them both! You will not be disappointed."

Mike Newman