About 7Toshia McCormick, lmt – Owner

Ever since graduating from the Dayton School of Medical Massage and then passing my Medical Board Licensing Exam I started expanding my knowledge and skills with continuing education. After becoming a Mom to a child with disabilities and finding out that he will need a massage his whole life, not only did I realize I am on the right path in my journey of life, but the impact massage can have on everyone’s health.  The benefits of massage are physical, mental, and spiritual.  We are all capable of being in complete homeostasis, I just want to help get you there.

I have a variety of modalities to offer whether you need energy work to balance your Chakras, Deep Tissue for muscle strain and weakness, or even MediCupping to overall strengthen your Lymphatic System to help you fight disease.

Take the first step to a better well-being and make your wellness a priority today!

richard williams, p.t., c.a.t.

About 8Please welcome Certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist, Richard Williams!!!!
Richard is the founder of Hardcore Fitness & Associates. You may recognize him ringside the annual Dayton Fight Night charity events since he is the trainer of all the participants! He offers training, therapy, in home care and wellness instruction all over, including virtual! His patients range from the immobile to the body building competitor. Richard is a full time father of an amazing little girl and loved by all. His favorite line is “You’re Good” which believe it or not is the greatest motivation when you’re going after those goals! Richard’s personality and drive is going to fit in so well with us at Integrative Touch and we are excited he is part of our team!

About 2Ben Harlamert, lmt

I received my License through the Ohio State Medical Board in 2014 and have been practicing ever since. I am married and have four wonderful children. Even though I specialize in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage my skill set has a great range of versatility. My other certifications consist of Hot Stones, Prenatal, and the infamous Himalayan Salt Stone Massage! My passion is bringing pain relief and wellness to my clients.

My dream would be to work on College or Professional Athletes.


My Massage Therapy career started long before I received my license in 2005.  No, I never “practiced” without a license but I did give massage to my hard-working Dad as a kid, in our living room, as he de-stressed from a long day.  Then, as a college student, I gave massage to my stressed-out friends during finals week.  Now, 16 years into my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist,  I am excited and  happy to begin working with Integrative Touch.  I have most of my experience with deep tissue and swedish but have already started expanding my modalities  in cupping, stone, and sport therapies.  The benefits of massage are as vast and unique as the individual who needs one.  I look forward to serving you.