Toshia McCormick, lmt

Ever since graduating from the Dayton School of Medical Massage and then passing my Medical Board Licensing Exam I started expanding my knowledge and skills with continuing education. After becoming a Mom to a child with disabilities and finding out that he will need a massage his whole life, not only did I realize I am on the right path in my journey of life, but the impact massage can have on everyone’s health.  The benefits of massage are physical, mental, and spiritual.  We are all capable of being in complete homeostasis, I just want to help get you there.

I have a variety of modalities to offer whether you need energy work to balance your Chakras, Deep Tissue for muscle strain and weakness, or even MediCupping to overall strengthen your Lymphatic System to help you fight disease.

Take the first step to a better well-being and make your wellness a priority today!

About 2Ben Harlamert, lmt

I received my License through the Ohio State Medical Board in 2014 and have been practicing ever since. I am married and have four wonderful children. Even though I specialize in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage my skill set has a great range of versatility. My other certifications consist of Hot Stones, Prenatal, and the infamous Himalayan Salt Stone Massage! My passion is bringing pain relief and wellness to my clients.

My dream would be to work on College or Professional Athletes.

Carol Stewart, lmtAbout

I’ve always had a  passion to help others.  After nearly twenty-five years of serving within the social services field, I was divinely and spiritually lead to pursue a career in medical massage.  I attended and completed my training at the Dayton School of Medical Massage and obtained my license with the Ohio State Medical Board in April of 2015.  Since that time, I have been pursuing my passion by assisting and helping those in need of alleviating or managing chronic pain and stress by uniquely tailoring a treatment and wellness plan to obtain the most beneficial and overall health and well being to one’s most optimal level. I possess several modalities with specialty such as; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Trigger Point.  Currently pursuing higher education pertaining to Cancer and Massage Therapy along with other therapeutic modalities.

About 1Duane Boomershine, lmt

Duane went into the Marine Corps straight out of high school for 8 years and decided after that he wanted to go to school to be a Motorcycle Technician. He completed his Associates Degree in Applied Science in Power Sports and certifications for a motorcycle technician from Power Sports Institute in the Cleveland, OH area. After doing that for a few years his passion for it from working on them day to day dwindled. It was then he decided he wanted to take a new path and decided to go to school for Medical Massage. He graduated from the Dayton School of Medical Massage in July 2017 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. He has a strong passion for wanting to help and heal people in the form of Massage. He specializes in Deep Tissue massage but is also certified in Swedish, MET (Muscle Energy Techniques), and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuro Muscular Facilitation). In the near future Duane would like to further his studies into Chiropractic Care specializing in injury rehabilitation and prevention.