From Lump to Lean

Integrative Touch is home to 2 of my favorite people. Toshia McCormick and Richard Williams. I am 70 years old and they keep me moving. Toshia is the best massage therapist in Dayton and Richard has taken me from a useless lump to a lean, mean machine. He takes to me to places that I never thought I could be. He amazes me and I amaze myself with what I can accomplish with the right trainer. I highly recommend them both! You will not be disappointed.

- Mike Newman

Payton is the Best!

I have issues with my right low extremity, muscle imbalance, lack a good dorsiflexion of my right foot, and walk weird! I had one massage with new therapist, Payton and walked out like I had a new leg! My muscle felt balanced and almost like normal for the first time in years! I had to call him the next day to ask what he did to give me the miracle results…….it was quite amazing! I booked my next appointment right away. Looking for the cure with Payton!

- Joan W.

Client of Richard W

I’ve been working with Richard, the trainer/physical therapist for several years. He has helped me stay in shape and has helped me in a couple of fairly painful shoulder problems. His medical, physical therapy, and training knowledge are unmatched!!

- Mari Lynn

I always walk away feeling like the knots and stiffness is gone

I have been going to Integrative once a month for over a year now mostly for deep tissue massage. Toshia always manages to find the spots that need work and I always walk away feeling like the knots and stiffness is gone. Especially cool when she finds things I didn’t realize were an issue. She’s super positive, always asks about how I feel both before and during the massage, and is also great about providing insight into things I can try at home. All of that with easy communication and scheduling makes this place an easy recommendation.

- Brett Fishwild

I have my second massage booked

I had my very first massage with Ben. I purchased a “Deep Tissue Massage with Aromatherapy” from Groupon; I was very nervous about my first massage being a deep tissue. When I arrived Ben explained what I could expect and the differences between a regular massage and a deep tissue. Upon his recommendation, I received the regular massage with the aromatherapy. Let’s just say, I have my second massage booked! The atmosphere was very relaxing, welcoming and clean! I would 110% recommend this place. The massage was tailored to my body’s needs and wants, even if it was not what I initially purchased. I will be returning!

- McKenna Koewler

Ben is the Bomb

I’ve had massage therapy before but never really stuck with it, I never really noticed changes. But, Ben has really helped me feel better, more energetic during the day and sleeping better at night.

- Melinda Ash

Awesome experience

Every time is truly an awesome experience. Toshia asks plenty of questions to pinpoint where to focus attention. She sometimes finds some secondary areas as well.

- Roger Fisher

Miracle Worker

Toshia is truly an excellent massage therapist. She was able to cure my every day headaches. In addition, she provides excellent advice and things to do outside of appointments to better your health. She is flexible when making changes in advance for appointment changes. Toshia cares about you as a person and wants to help you live a good healthy life. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for relief or relaxation. I will not go to anyone else

- Lisa Couture

Healing power

I have been a regular client for more than a year and Toshia is an amazing massage therapist. Her trigger point massages were key to the speedy resolution of my frozen shoulder last year. Perhaps the most amazing session I had with her involved a combination of massage, reiki and guided visualization. She’s fantastic!

- Heidi McGrew

Highly Recommend!

Carol has great hand strength and a beautiful personality. I highly recommend her and have already scheduled my next appointment with her.

- Patty

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